In building up, we have come up with our own unique design for Twitter Signature & Counter styles and all are our copyrights.

However, we do not forget that some of our works has made use of certain Twitter birds logo from other author who allow us to use it for our freemium website:

Following are website we would like to say big Thank you: has freemium service, MyiBook which is a form of guestbook application ready to be installed to your website/blog with social network feature built-in. It is a good way to increase traffic to website plus good way to build up online network of members and sub-members and so on. Apart from that, they provides tons of free Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and Blogger templates/themes. has designed our web theme.

Provides various web resousrces (from tips, tutorial, to freebies for web designer).
Some of our Twitter Signature has made use of Smashingmagazine's Twitter Bird.



Young talented guy. Designed cool iPOD images.


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