Become our Exclusive Partners (Advertiser & Sponsorship) provides freemium service and big opportunity for you  if you are interested to become our exclusive partners (as our Advertisers) through our free member's website, blog, online forum, newsletter/email to their social network's profile.
*Take note this is excluded our premium member as they will have an option to display their own ad to even not displaying ad at all via Member Area's setting*

How it works for Advertisers?


A friend or visitor or member visits our free member's website, blog, thread in online forum, social network's feed or even reading a newsletter (email) sent by them with dynamic Twitter signature badge embeded.
Friend, members visitor visit and browse our free member's website, blog, online forum thread, newsletter/email,  social network profile



He or she clicks on embeded Twitter signature as shown on screenshot above and interstitial page will show as seen below. 
On screen below (marked as #2)  will be loaded a website content from Advsertiser's website directly. 


He or she will have to wait for few seconds before final page (member's Twitter profile) is displayed.

Become our Exclusive Partner by clicking here!
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